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Patch Work: Meet Mairi

Mairi was one of our very first customers.  She came in within the first week (day?) and was really excited about Patch!  She is self taught and totally fearless.  She’s made half her wardrobe and never  used a patterns until recently!  And did we mention she’s only 14?


Who: Mairi

What: Her own design in the ‘flint’ cotton/bamboo

Was this your first time working with knits?
Nope! I have used knits many times before and I find once you use knit fabric quite a few times, you realize more and more tricks.

Did you use a pattern?  Do you usually use patterns?
No, I did not use a pattern to make this project, I simply made a t-shirt pattern and then estimated how long a piece of fabric I would need to gather to make the skirt! I don’t usually use patterns but lately I have been branching out and trying a few.

What was the most challenging thing about this project?
The most challenging part about this project was sewing the sleeves on and making them fit just right in to the sleeve hole. I kept accidentally stretching the material  to fit the sleeves and I would end up with these little unwanted puckers in the sleeve seam; after a couple of tries I finally reached a point where I was  happy with how the sleeves turned out.

Patch Work : Meet Lori

Lori was one of the first machine renters at Patch.  She was a total novice but obviously a natural and her occasional frustrated curse word didn’t bother us one bit 🙂  It seems right that she is our first featured sewer, so please enjoy, and if you see her on the street wearing her tunic, say hi.             IMG_20140820_222137

Who: Lori 
What: The Wiksten Tova Tunic
What inspired you to choose this project?: 
Two things: 
1. I saw the sample in the shop and loved it. The pattern is a versatile wardrobe basic and I’ve been wearing it constantly.
2. Simply a desire to make. As an obsessive maker of things I have always aspired to take up sewing and having a supportive space to learn was the encouragement I needed. 
What did you learn that will help you with future projects:
Being a beginner, I learned too many things to list but some of the highlights are: 
1. Double check that all necessary pattern markings and notches are transferred to your fabric before beginning. Notches can be tricky to cut into all layers of the cloth.
2. Always have a seam ripper at the ready 😉 Taking the time to pull out mistakes is worth it. 
3. Gathering isn’t quite as difficult as it looks. 
4. Take your time and read the pattern carefully. Understanding the garment assembly at the outset makes things much easier. 
5. When in doubt, ask Christina. 




Introducing… Patch Work

Welcome to the Patch Halifax Blog.  Frankly, we’ve been a bit intimidated by this whole blogging thing.  We couldn’t choose what to write about amongst all the interesting and inspiring things that we could possibly choose to write about!  Our favorite fabrics?  What is coming into the shop?  It just didn’t seem quite right. Then we realized that what inspires us most throughout the day… is you.

So this is a space where we will feature things that have been made by all the fantastic sewers and quilters and crafters and creators who make our days so fun.

Stay tuned for our first post post coming soon.  You’ll meet Lori and her amazing Tova Tunic (hint: total beginner and she aced it)


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